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Effective Music royalty management, without the chaos

Regain control over your royalty statements, and actually get actionable insights from them — without having to download and go through hundreds of files from different portals.

We are FXR, and we're here to fix music royalty transparency

It's our mission to create a fairer music industry by enabling music creators, their representatives, and related organisations to be in control of their music catalogues and earnings. This starts with everyone being in control of their data.

Our MusicAIRE whitepaper

We investigated the music royalty data that European CMOs share with their members as part of MusicAIRE, in collaboration with CMU. Read the whitepaper at

Regain control over your
data — and keep it

FXR combines a personal human touch with an AI-boosted portal to turn your complex music royalty statements into valuable insights that pay back in time, money and ease of mind.

1. Dozens of statements? No worries

For every music professional tired of the royalty statement labyrinth, FXR's got your back. We not only simplify the organisation of your statements, but turn them into actionable insights.

Managed File Collection

Say goodbye to endless logins and downloads. We securely collect your royalty statements for you and present them neatly in one unified location. That's statements from record labels, publishers, collecting societies, collecting agency's, distributors, etc.

Statement Library

Instantly navigate to the statement you need. Our intuitive Statement Library makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, fast. Need to check that one PDF whether you still need to send an invoice? Do it in two minutes, not ten.

Statement Review

Stay up-to-date with minimal effort. We periodically send you concise summaries of your latest earnings, eliminating the need for constant portal checks.

2. Analyse anything

Unveil a complete picture of your royalties with our comprehensive and user-friendly Royalty Radar dashboard.

Royalty Radar

Take a deep dive into your financial data with Royalty Radar. Discover trends, analyse specifics, and get a comprehensive view of your catalogue’s earnings.

Consistent asset titles

Consistency is key. Our system intelligently groups your compositions, masters and releases, so you don’t have to deal with inconsistent titles and identifiers.

Data harmonisation

What’s the purpose of having all your income sources in one place if you can’t compare them? We convert your data to the same formats, including dates, numbers, currencies, sales territories, income types, and music users.

3. Maintain a healthy catalogue

Make sure that all your earnings are coming in – and be able to take action if they're not.

Gap Identifier

Uncover missing revenue streams. Our Gap Identifier helps you track potential collection issues – for songs, territories, organisations, and more.

Custom analysis

Facing a unique challenge? We’re always curious for novel problem cases, so get in touch to see if we can help you out.

New tracks features
dropping soon

We’re working on some pretty exciting new features and services, which will become available throughout the year!

Earlybird Pricing

FXR is committed to making comprehensive royalty insights accessible to all creators and their teams. We're currently onboarding our earlybird customers and will be opening up new slots soon. Sign up for more info!

Earlybird Pricing

FXR is committed to making comprehensive royalty insights accessible to all creators and their teams. Our transparent pricing includes a one-time onboarding fee and a monthly subscription fee. We currently have availability for 50 earlybird accounts. As an earlybird, you get:

  • A 10% subscription fee discount when you pay yearly upfront
  • Up to 10 income sources per account, with no additional cost
  • Free access to Manager Insights features (giving key insights across multiple catalogues)

Annual average income*

25 - 50k




One-time Onboarding Fee




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Subscription Fee

90€ / month

135€ / month

170€ / month

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*Annual average income based on the total net amount received income for the past three years, as found on all the detail royalty statements uploaded into the FXR account.
Pricing per catalogue.

FXR processed royalty statements from

FXR can help get a grip on their music payments

About FXR

Founded in 2020 by a songwriter/producer from Amsterdam, FXR is a blend of music enthusiasts and tech experts, aiming to help fix the music industry one statement at a time. We’re currently a team of 8 people based in Europe, US and Asia, literally working around the clock. Interested in joining the band? Send us a message.

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